From the desk of: Dave Whitworth
Subject: Getting Traffic, Building A List & Making Money.
Right now you are probably working far too hard in your efforts to get traffic, build a list and making some money. You are probably spending far more than you need to in the process and you may well have decided nothing works.

Don't worry because you are far from alone and there is a solution to your problems.

Getting Traffic, List Building And Making Money Doesn't Have To Cost The Earth

With PDF Treble Top you can add to your income streams a number of ways and you can do it all for free!

If you have been searching for genuine ways to get traffic, build your list and make some money your search is over.

You see you probably are sitting on a fortune without even knowing about it.

How Many eBooks And PLR Products Do You Own?

If you have been involved in Internet Marketing for any length of time you will probably have an hard drive full of the things. An hard drive full of Resale Rights Products, PLR Products and thousands of reports which you will never do anything at all with.

Did you know that if the creator of such products have given their consent you can brand that report and use it to get traffic, build a list and make you some money?

You can add your personal details to any report within minutes and in the process solve three of your problems. How much of a relief will it be to give something away and in return get some traffic, build your list and make some money?

Take a look at what you can do with your reports....

You can brand any PDF report you have rights to!


You can use your reports to help you build your list!

You can monetize your reports with links to your own products!

You can monetize your reports with links to affiliate products!

You can distribute your reports for the best results!

It really is as simple as giving something away and reaping the rewards.

Don't just take my word for it, read what others have to say about it!

"Hi Dave,

Just a quick note to say 'Great Report', after reading through 'Treble Top'.

I loved that you included FREE methods before moving on to paid options, as I know a lot of folks really need to get started before they can re-invest their income to grow it!

So I'm sure readers will appreciate that too!

This could genuinely help a lot of people make that start 


"Hi Dave

Having read your latest report, 'Treble Top' I have to congratulate you on a job well done.
I believe the methods you talk about, even the most experienced marketer will be impressed by what you have covered.

You have explained everything in so much detail, yet in a way even the newest beginner will understand. I am also impressed with the amount of video training your customers will receive which leaves no stone unturned.

Anybody looking for a way to either kick start or improve their internet marketing campaign cannot fail if they take action on the information you have provided.

Once again Dave, congratulations.

Best wishes
Mike Graham

Mike Graham" 

What If You Haven't Got Any Reports To Give Away?

There is no need to worry, we have it covered with the best bonus you are likely to find attached to such a low priced product.

Branding your existing reports does take a little time to get them exactly as you need them. By using your bonus reports (over 100) you just need to fill in a few details and you are good to go!

Hi Dave
I've just read "Treble Top" and would like to tell you how helpful I found it.

I have been struggling to make money online and so many "methods" seem to require a quantity of cash to start.

Many of the steps in "Treble Top" are free - before you go on to recommend paid products - I love that, and the great videos that actually show how to do the steps you are writing about. For many of us it's easier to follow a video than to do as written about!

Now I feel I can get on and implement your strategies and hit a "Treble Top"!

Jennifer Taylor

"Hi Dave,

The biggest problem most people have when building on online business is traffic.

PDF Treble Top provides people with a simple step by step method to solve
this, AND also covers list building and making money.

The guide is easy to follow and I'm sure will help everyone to succeed, and all of it can be done without additional

There's also a very useful resources section at the end with several sites I hadn't heard of before.

Thanks again Keith

Keith Purkiss"

Just How Easy Is It To Use PDF Treble Top?

Here is a list of what you will need and exactly what you will get!

You will need  to be able to capture email addresses!


You will need hosting - somewhere to store your reports!

You will receive over 100 reports which you can use within minutes!

You will receive access to lots more reports for you to use!

You will receive squeeze page templates!

You will receive thank you page templates!

You will be shown exactly how to brand your reports for free!

You will be shown exactly how to monetize your reports!

You will receive step by step instructions on where and how to distribute your reports for the best results!


Bonus Reports!

You get over 100 reports which you can add your personal details to!

These reports are all Internet Marketing related and are highly sought after. Here is just a sample of the categories of your reports....

Traffic Generation


List Building

Article Marketing

Forum Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Networking

Kindle Publishing

All Your Bonus Reports Can Be Branded In Seconds!

Use them all or just a selection. These Bonus Reports can have your personal details and affiliate links in them within seconds.

All these reports have value in 
their own right and are not just any old rubbish reports.

You will learn just what you need to do to get traffic, build your list and make some money with these reports.

Let's face it, getting traffic, building a list and making money are three things that we all strive to conquer. By using a simple strategy of giving away branded reports you can conquer all three and without too much effort.

When you give your reports away they become viral and you receive visitors who may become subscribers who in turn may become customers.

The more you give, the more you receive. It really is as simple as that!

Have You Been Hiding Behind A Mask?

If you have been hiding behind a mask and operating unethically this course is not for you!

You must be prepared to brand yourself and be honest and upfront in your endeavors. 

Now wh
en I say brand yourself I don't mean you have to use a hot object to burn your flesh, that would be taking the concept of personal branding too far.

No, all you need to do is add your details to the reports       supplied or to any PDF report that you have rights to and you are good to go!

Adding your details to the supplied reports is as simple as spelling your name, adding your website address and affiliate ID's.

Adding your details to any PDF report you have rights to takes a few moments longer but is easily achievable by anyone who can copy and paste.

Inside your PDF Treble Top Report you will find all you need to take a report and give it away, that's right, you are going to give your reports away and they are going to get you traffic, help you to build your list and make you some money.

Sound good?

What better way to make yourself feel good than by giving something away?

Get PDF Treble Top Today And You Can Have
Your First Reports Working For You Within Minutes.

Yes Dave! I'm ready to start learning how to find, brand and distribute PDF reports!

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We have spent years and who knows how much money learning how to do things correctly. For one low price, you'll get to benefit from ALL our experience.

Just think about it this way. For just one low price, in a few hours from now you could have many reports working for you in getting traffic, building your list and making you money.

Download PDF Treble Top now and let us reveal to you a system so simple that when you use it you will use it over and over again!

To Your Future Success, with all things
Dave Whitworth

P.S. If you have tried to generate traffic, build a list and make money and failed then it isn't your fault. Let us give you our 3-in-one solution and get you to where you want to be.

P.P.S. If you don't take action nothing will happen. That push button solution we all would like DOES NOT EXIST!

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